There are 2 apps in Cross-border healthcare

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Shows citizens of EU Member States how to apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

“The European Commission explains how to use the European Health Insurance Card through an app for smartphones. Anyone can download the app, which contains information about the card: who to contact to request it; how to use the phone numbers for emergency calls; what healthcare and expenses are covered by insurance; and the app explains the procedures for reimbursement.” Il Consiglio Nazionale dei Consumatori e degli Utenti (CNCU) [The National Council of Consumers and Users], Italy |

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developed by Medeo Corporation

Allows networking with other people like me / Family / FriendsImproving communicationSupport to deal with symptoms/disabilitiesInformation

English / English - American

Cost: Free
Allows the user to have a live video consultation with a general practitioner
"I can use it on my computer, and connect with a doctor via videochat. Convenient to use, better than sitting in a waiting room. I can use Facebook to connect with others who have the same illnesses as me." Person living with a mental health problem, Canada | PatientView survey, September 2014

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