There are 3 apps in Down syndrome

Ask about Down Syndrome

Ask about Down Syndrome
developed by Down Syndrome Australia with the Project Factory

Allows networking with other people like me / Family / FriendsSupport to deal with symptoms/disabilitiesInformation


Cost: Free
App to help advocate and build inclusion for people with Down Syndrome.

“It’s a question and answer platform designed to connect you directly with communities full of first hand knowledge of Down Syndrome. The app is full of personal stories and experiences from the community, as well as evidence-based resources about Down Syndrome. You can submit your own questions or answers across topics like health, community, education and employment. Ask about Down Syndrome is helping to break down the myths about Down Syndrome. By engaging with the app, you can get the real story about what it’s like to have Down Syndrome. This can help you support the inclusion and participation of people with Down Syndrome in the community.”

“Questions, Answers and Stories: 

The app features people with Down syndrome answering important questions and sharing stories about what supports inclusion, what the barriers are and how these can be addressed. 

Community Inclusion resources: 

The latest resources from Down Syndrome Australia’s Community Inclusion Toolkit are available through the app. This means these resources are now available to view, share, download or print from a handheld device. 

Share your own question, answer or story: 

People can also share their own experiences through the app by submitting a question, answer or a story.” 
Down Syndrome Australia, an organisation representing people with Down’s Syndrome and their families |

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developed by Otsimo

Support to deal with symptoms/disabilitiesInformation

English / Turkish

Cost: Free, but with premium pricing for additional content

Educational games developed for people with learning disorders including autism.

“Otsimo child is a platform designed specifically to educate children with autism and learning disorders. It contains dozens of educational games and free basic AAC [Alternative and Augmentative Communication]. Educational games are developed by applying the Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) technique. Otsimo is a bundled platform which contains Otsimo Child and Otsimo Family apps.”

Autism Education Trust, founded by the UK charities the National Autistic Society (NAS), Ambitious about Autism (AaA) and Council for Disabled Children (CDC) |

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See and Learn Saying More Words

See and Learn Saying More Words
developed by Down Syndrome Education Enterprises CIC

Improving communicationSupport to deal with symptoms/disabilities


Cost: Android: £12.49 [approximately € 17.94, $19.49], Apple: £13.99 [approximately €20.09, $22.84], Windows: £15.39 [approximately €22.11, $24.03]
Aimed at helping children with Down syndrome improve their speech development.
“ ‘See and Learn’ makes it easy to support children with Down syndrome at home, in individual and group-therapy settings, and in the classroom. See and Learn offers activities designed to promote the development of language, reading, speech, memory and number skills. See and Learn is a range of resources to support learning for children with Down syndrome. See and Learn is developed and published by Down Syndrome Education International–a world-renowned leader in providing evidence-based information about the education and development of children and young people with Down syndrome. See and Learn uses structured activities that make full use of the children’s strengths as visual learners to help them learn more successfully.” Huddersfield Down Syndrome Support Group (HDSSG), UK |

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