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Designed to help the user manage medication compliance.

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BioCareProvider Group, Italy
(Based in Italy)
https://www.biocareprovider.com ; Support email (for android):


Same as technical developer

Medical Adviser

Associazione NeuroCare [NeuroCare Association] Onlus [Italy-based patient group specialising in neurodegenerative disorders]


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Designed to help the user manage medication adherence, drDrin is able to make even the most complex therapy easier and safer. The user’s treatment requirements can be entered into the app, which will issue reminders at the appropriate time of the day about the need to take the medication (in the prescribed doses), thus avoiding the risk that the user forgets the medication (or takes it twice by mistake). The app checks that medications have been taken (or not taken) on the day, and allows reports about adherence to treatment to be exported to the user’s healthcare professional or directly shared. In addition, the tool also help in better manage the stock of drugs and refill it on time before they run out. drDrin is now available for Apple and Android. For the moment only people in Italy are allowed to download the app because even if the app is also in English, Dr DRin has not yet integrated the english drug database.

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Reviewer: Dr.Drin, Italy
Review: “ ‘Dr.Drin’ has been developed very carefully, respecting the principles of user-centered design, in order to ensure patient comfort in using the application. It is both a means of ensuring compliance with medication, and a means of improving patient-doctor communication.”
Source: PatientView survey, July-August 2012
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer: https://www.drdrin.it
Reviewer: NeuroCare ONLUS, Italy
Review: "Useful for everyone (especially the elderly) who have to take drugs, especially if the medicines are numerous, with complex dosing schedules. The app's only drawback comes from the general difficulties related to the use of smartphones experienced by some people."
Source: PatientView survey, July 2012
Usage: 11%-20%
Weblink of reviewer: http://bit.ly/1c2iNik

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