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Fear of Flying App

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Android: £3.04 [approximately €4.75, $4.22], Apple: £2.99 [approximately €1.41, $4.67]

Aims to help the user overcome fear of flying.

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Android: £3.04 [approximately €4.75, $4.22], Apple: £2.99 [approximately €1.41, $4.67]


Togetar (formerly Zyrcadia BV, Netherlands)
(Based in Netherlands)


VALK Foundation [Netherlands-based multi-healthcare-stakeholder alliance specialising in flight phobia]

Medical Adviser

VALK Foundation [Netherlands-based multi-healthcare-stakeholder alliance specialising in flight phobia]


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Aims to help the user overcome fear of flying. Provides information and tips about what to do to reduce the levels of fear before, and during, a trip. Gives factual details about what happens during take-off, cruising and landing, and discusses in-flight turbulence. An audio version of a relaxation exercise is included, and a ‘Panic button’ supplies therapy techniques. Can be used during a flight with the phone in ‘airplane’ mode. An Internet connection is not needed after initial download of the app. Entitled ‘Flight App VALK’ on Android, and ‘Fear of Flying App’ on English-language iTunes.

Tags: Health, Wellness & Care in the Community (HWCC)


Reviewer: VALK Foundation, Netherlands
Review: “The ‘Fear of Flying’ app is based on a scientifically-proofed treatment method. The main objective is to provide fearful flyers with a simple tool in anticipation, for before and during the flight. The app informs about the following: aerodynamics; cruise flight; flight safety; sounds and sensations during take-off and landing; and turbulence. Practical audio exercises help to lower stress. When the flight stress reaches a panic level, users of the app can push on the special ‘panic button’ control. This button helps (in audio and written form) to decrease the stress level immediately. The app is a help—not a substitute for treatment. Fear of flying can be composed of different, underlying complaints which, not seldom, need psycho-therapeutic treatment.”
Source: PatientView survey, July-August 2012
Usage: Greater than 50%
Weblink of reviewer: http://bit.ly/16YdSQ0

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