Beat Panic [FullKontrol in Norwegian]

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Beat Panic [FullKontrol in Norwegian]

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English / Norwegian


£0.79 [approximately €1.41, $1.23]

Designed to guide a user through a panic attack, or through an episode of raised anxiety.

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English / Norwegian

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Any in which the user is familiar with English


£0.79 [approximately €1.41, $1.23]


Jane Anderson-Hawkes, UK
(Based in United Kingdom)


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Medical Adviser

Same as technical developer


Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities


Designed to guide a user through a panic attack, or through an episode of raised anxiety. Displays a series of flash cards in soothing colours. Intended especially for use away from home (but can also be used in the home setting). Aims to help the user focus thoughts, slow breathing, reduce heart rate, and release tension.

Tags: Health, Wellness & Care in the Community (HWCC)


Reviewer: West Sussex Wellbeing Initiatives, UK
Review: “Easy to use, and very effective. But it needs to be available on more platforms.”
Source: PatientView survey, 2012 - 2013
Usage: Between 1-5%
Weblink of reviewer: Website closed
Reviewer: Blogger on No More Panic, UK
Review: “This is such a good idea. Just downloaded it. I really needed something for when I’m panicking on a train full of people or something, and I can’t just run around like a headless chicken. This is discreet, but feels like someone talking you through it. I haven’t used it in a panic attack yet, obviously, but watching it run through made me smile, because it’s exactly the kind of thing you need to think when in a panic.”
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer:

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