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My Cardiac Coach

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App to help people recover from a heart attack.

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American Heart Association
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American Heart Association

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The US-based charity, the American Heart Association developed the My Cardiac Coach app to help people to recover from heart attacks.

It enables you to:

  • access reliable information from experts at the American Heart Association
  • learn about diet, activity and lifestyle choices through interactive lessons
  • track progress on key measures, including blood pressure and weight
  • track and manage medication, including receiving reminders
  • network with other patients and experts.

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Reviewer: American Heart Association, the not for profit group which developed the app

“After a heart attack, you're told to focus on recovery. Then you're left to figure it out. What are the next steps? Where do you find reliable information? How do you make good health habits and stick to them? Or keep track of medications and doctor's appointments? And with all that to worry about, how do you keep from getting too overwhelmed to move forward?

Those are just the kinds of questions that inspired the American Heart Association to develop My Cardiac Coach, a free mobile app that can help you find your way to a healthier future after a heart attack.

My Cardiac Coach is a personalized recovery toolkit you carry in your smartphone. It gives you anytime/anywhere access to everything you need, including:

  • Trustworthy information from the experts at the American Heart Association
  • Interactive lessons to help you learn what you need to know
  • Progress-trackers for monitoring blood pressure and weight
  • Tools for logging physical activity and managing medications
  • Connections to other survivors through our Support Network.”

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Reviewer: American Heart Association, the not-for-profit group which developed the app

“Navigating the road to recovery after a heart attack is challenging for patients. At discharge, many patients don’t understand their condition or necessary lifestyle changes. Furthermore, after discharge, many patients struggle to adhere to their treatment plans. Non-adherence can have big consequences: about 1/5 of heart attack survivors over the age of 45 will have another heart attack within 5 years of their first.

Patients need innovative tools that provide actionable information in the critical days and months following hospital discharge. That’s why the American Heart Association created My Cardiac Coach, a mobile app that aims to educate and engage heart attack survivors, empowering their recovery with the latest, evidence-based information in order to help them adopt better self-management skills and healthier lifestyles.

Through helpful information and interactive tools, My Cardiac Coach will:

  • Teach patients about their condition and necessary lifestyle changes through interactive lessons
  • Help patients gain better self-management skills through personal goal setting
  • Allow patients to track important health information and medications.”

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