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Free, with some in-app purchases or support within the UK National Health Service

App to help people to read who have lost their central vision, for example through Macular Disease.

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Free, with some in-app purchases or support within the UK National Health Service


The Macular Society with Royal Holloway Enterprise Ltd
(Based in United Kingdom)


The Macular Society with Royal Holloway Enterprise Ltd

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The Macular Society with Royal Holloway Enterprise Ltd


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The MD evReader (‘Macular Disease eccentric viewing reader’) app is designed to help people with Macular Disease (MD) to read eBooks when using the ‘eccentric viewing’ technique. 
Eccentric viewing involves a person trying to see by making use of their peripheral, rather than central vision.
The app allows text to be scrolled horizontally, from right-to-left, across the screen. 
The reader holds their gaze at their preferred peripheral viewing position. As the text moves across the screen they can read the text without moving their eyes.
Readers can also:

  • Enlarge text size
  • Change text and background colour
  • Alter the speed of scrolling text

The app is available for iPads and Android devices.

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Reviewer: UK Macular Society, the patient group which developed the app

“The MD_evReader is a free app for the iPad or Android tablets, which has been developed to help people with a central vision loss read. It presents text from eBooks in a scrolling stream across the screen, in a similar way to a news ticker or a display board on a train. The app is designed for those people who use Eccentric Viewing (EV) and/or steady eye strategies for reading. Some people with macular degeneration may find it useful as a reading aid, or as a way of practising the Eccentric Viewing and steady eye techniques.
The line of text scrolls horizontally from left to right and the reader aims to hold their gaze away from the line to view it with their best region of vision. The trackpad is used to control the speed of the text.
In order to read with the MD_evReader you might need to eccentrically fixate so that you have a good piece of vision through which you are able to view the slowly scrolling text. Try holding your vision still (steady eye) and let the text move. Both Eccentric Viewing and the steady eye strategies take practice but can be well worth the effort.” 
The MD_evReader is intended for people with macular degeneration who use the Eccentric Viewing and/or steady eye strategies and may not be for everyone. Reading in this way will require some practice and familiarity with Eccentric Viewing. The app works with any ePub document but may not work with eBooks that are under copyright, due to publishers’ restrictions. The app will only upload eBooks that do not have ‘DRM’ encryption, such as out of copyright books and those from small publishers. You can find books from or or by searching for ‘DRM free eBooks’.”

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