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App to help people with adrenal insufficiency manage their condition and get appropriate treatment in emergencies

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Danish / Dutch / English / French / German / Norwegian / Russian / Spanish / Swedish / Turkish

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Dutch Adrenal Society [NVACP], with Bijniernet/AdrenalNET, a network of healthcare practitioners, informal carers and patients.
(Based in Netherlands)


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The Adrenal app helps people with adrenal insufficiency in emergency situations, for example by:

  • ensuring that crucial medical information is available for clinicians on the individual’s phone
  • showing instantly to clinical staff that the person has adrenal insufficiency and is dependent on hydrocortisone
  • helping ambulance or Accident and Emergency teams to "inject first, talk later".

The app also helps people to manage their adrenal insufficiency day to day, for example:

  • deciding what measures may need to be taken to get through the planned day
  • take action to help prevent adrenal crises
  • identifying when they may need to get in touch with healthcare professionals
  • setting up reminders about prescriptions and appointments.

Adrenal app also helps users to:

  • keep their medical information and emergency contacts up to date
  • manage their child’s condition
  • help family members to take emergency action, including emergency injections.

The app name varies depending on the language and country of use, for example:

  • Bijnier (Netherlands)
  • SOS Addison (Denmark)
  • Nebennieren (Germany – Apple)
  • Adrenals (Germany – Android)

The current range of countries is listed at:


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Reviewer: Johan G Beun, Co-ordinator BijnierNET/AdrenalNET, a virtual network of patients, healthcare practitioners and informal carers, which developed the app

“The Adrenal APP helps the patient ensure that crucial medical information is available at any time of the day or night, wherever the patient and his or her smartphone are together. 

The app helps to collect and access this crucial information.The app on a smartphone makes it possible to explain instantly that the patient has an adrenal disorder and that he is dependent on hydrocortisone. 

This means: “inject first, talk later”, and that is an essential instruction for the ambulance crew and for the staff in the emergency department. Importantly, they can verify this in the (Dutch) ambulance crew’s Protocol for Adrenal Insufficiency.”

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