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Croatian sexual health app to promote responsible sexual behaviour

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Info izlog with support from CAHIV (Croatian Association for HIV and viral hepatitis), a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit patient association focused on prevention, education and helping people who live with HIV/AIDS or viral hepatitis.
(Based in Croatia)


Include City of Zagreb, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Science and Education, Croatian Pharmaceutical Society

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Developer team including Ministry of Health and Croatian Association for IV and viral hepatitis


Reminders Reminders
Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities
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Spolnozdravlje translates as “sexual health”, and the app aims to improve understanding of the importance of responsible sexual behaviour, heathy lifestyles and protection from Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Features include:
. A risk calculator to give rough idea of your risk of HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases
. Quizzes on a range of sexual health topics
. Educational modules on sexual health
. Information to help prevent and manage sexual risk
. Search engine for sources of support in Crotia on sexual health
. Links to experts, including at the patient association for answers to individual’s questions
. Reminders for tests, medications and other medical needs.

The app was developed with support from CAHIV (Croatian Association for HIV and viral hepatitis), a non-governmental, non-politic, non-profit patient association.

The group aims to
. prevent HIV, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases
. protect sexual and reproductive health
. support people with HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis.

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Reviewer: Developers, including patient association Croatian Association for HIV and viral hepatitis
Review: “The application "Sexual Health" was developed for informational and educational purposes with the aim of improving information and understanding of the importance of responsible sexual behaviour, healthy lifestyles and protection from sexually transmitted infections in order to preserve and improve health.

The application provides an insightful and interesting way to provide useful information on sexual and reproductive health, including prevention, testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, in accordance with valid scientific and professional knowledge.

Whether it's a risk check, a quiz of knowledge, information or recommendations, we believe everyone will find something for themselves. With responsible sexual behaviour and regular medical examinations, this is a good way to improve your information and your own knowledge to preserve and improve your sexual health.”

Source: http://bit.ly/2swP8Bj
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Weblink of reviewer: http://bit.ly/2syL0k6
Reviewer: Croatian Association for HIV and viral hepatitis, the patient association which helped create the app
Review: “In one place, young people can find information about sexually transmitted diseases, read articles on sex and reproductive health, assess their risk of exposure to sexually transmitted infections through the Risk Calculator and look for the exact location and contact details for many healthcare providers across the Republic of Croatia...

In addition to many other options, the application also has a section of the Knowledge Quiz where users can choose between multiple quizzes offered and answer 10 questions that change to evaluate how much they know the knowledge in a particular area. Quizzes available include: HIV / AIDS; HIV / AIDS, sexual health; Sexually Transmitted Infections and contraception”

Source: http://bit.ly/2syEJoR
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Weblink of reviewer: http://bit.ly/2svHLKi

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