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App to help patients manage their health with conditions including Kidney Transplant, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), Vasculitis

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A self management app adapted for a range of conditions.

The app helps people manage their health after a kidney transplant, including:
. Receiving medication reminders
. Organising appointments
. Keeping a health journal
. Recording, tracking and sharing medical results
. Using information and video guidance.

The app helps people with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis to:
. Track key measures including Forced Vital Capacity (FVC) . Oxygen Saturation, Body Temperature
. Record anti-fibrotic and other medications
. Set and track exercise goals, helping to improve lung function

The app helps people with the rare blood vessel inflammation diseases vasculitis to:
. Record, track and share medical results
. Prepare for consultations with clinicians
. Manage medication
. Review tips and guidance on managing their condition.

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Reviewer: Article in patient group newsletter of Irish Lung Fibrosis Association
Review: Article on patients involved from the Irish Lung Fibrosis Association in developing the app

“With your help we at patientMpower have developed an electronic health diary (an “app”) which can be used by people with lung fibrosis to help them keep track of their symptoms and lung health.

The patientMpower app works on any smartphone or tablet device (like an iPad). The idea is that you use your mobile phone to keep a diary of various symptoms and other factors related to your lung health. For example, you can keep track of the number of steps walked each day or your level of breathlessness. If you have a connected spirometer, the breathing test information will also be recorded and the app can be used as a reminder to take your medicines each day. When attending clinic appointments, it may be useful to have this type of information to hand so you can tell the doctor or nurse about issues that may have been troubling you.

“A group of ILFA volunteers have tested the app with home spirometry in a user experience survey and given us useful feedback on their experience of the app. patientMpower want to thank these volunteers for their help in guiding us on how we can improve the app and its use with measurement devices (like home spirometers).”

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Reviewer: Vasculitis UK, a charity supporting patients with vasculitis diseases and their families
Review: “A new App called patientMpower is available for Vasculitis patients. It offers personalised tips on staying well, help with medication adherence, a place for storing health data (such as blood pressure, blood results) and a means of enhancing patient-physician interactions.”
Usage: Not specified
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