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App to improve fine motor skills as part recovering from injury or stroke, or for learning development skills.

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Dexteria turns your iOS device into a therapeutic tool that improves fine motor skills and handwriting readiness in children and adults.

Dexteria’s hand and finger activities use the iOS multi-touch screen to help build strength, control, and dexterity.

Designed by Occupational Therapists, the app's efficacy is supported by independent research studies, including a 2016 study by Huntington University published in the Journal of Hand Therapy.

The app helps children and adults to:
. Carry out regular exercises to improve coordination and motor control in the hands and fingers
. Recover from injury or stroke.

Users can choose to:
. Track their performance
. Create and email performance and usage reports
. Share progress reports with family, carers, teachers, Occupational Therapists or other members of their care team.

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Reviewer: Elizabeth Ratcliff, app specialist and blogger for the Stroke Foundation, an Australian charity that partners with the community to prevent, treat and beat stroke.
Review: “Dexteria is the only app of its kind to assess and develop fine motor skills, reflexes and handwriting ability and takes full advantage of the iPhone and iPad multi-touch interface. Therapeutic hand exercises build strength, control and dexterity using three formats.

‘Tap’ uses your hand to first generate an on screen map of your fingers and thumb, which it then uses to generate finger tapping exercises. As your thumb remains stationary on the screen, the finger points you created light up one at a time and you are required to tap them. This is a timed exercise, increasing in complexity over a series of levels.

‘Pinch’ requires the use of two digits to pinch images on the screen. Each pinch sees the image disappear, with an end goal of clearing the screen completely. Again, complexity is increased over a series of levels to include more and moving objects.

‘Write’ requires the use of your finger or a stylus to trace lower case and capital letters, as well as numbers.

More recently, Dexteria introduced the option of multiple users and the generation of reports. Assessment and progress can be charted and saved in a report for each individual, providing a touchstone for future practise.

An excellent app for anyone who is looking to build and refine fine motor skills.”
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Reviewer: Centre for Adults, Association of Persons with Special Needs, Singapore
Review: “The following are the objectives of using Dexteria app for training.

1. To identify hand & fingers problems that clients
experience which hinder their performance in vocational
2. To train clients to attain effective hand function skills in
the area of fine motor components such as:
a. Wrist stability and strength.
b. Finger flexibility and strength.
c. Fingers isolated movement control.
d. Thumb Movement efficiency for pinch grip activities.
e. Eye-hand Co-ordination.

Use of iPad for fine motor training is more effective and
efficient compared to the conventional method training.
Not only that clients find it engaging, it also acts an
effective tool to measure the performance on a regular

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Reviewer: Dean, stroke patient, blogger and campaigner based in the USA.
Review: Recommendation on blog site by stroke patient
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