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An app to help people with cancer to track symptoms and side effects over days, months and years.

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Cancergraph was:
. designed by people with cancer, and their caregivers
. developed on behalf of Malecare, one of America’s leading men’s cancer survivor support and advocacy organisations.

Cancergraph enables people with one or more cancers to:
. track their cancer symptoms and side effects over days, months, and years
. record each symptom’s severity, time of day or night and location of occurrence
. build graphs and daily experience reports to help explain results to their doctors and caregivers.

People with cancer can choose to:
. select from a list of over 200 symptoms and side effects
. decide to include their cancer type(s), medications, concerns and other diseases and co-morbidities, and what information to share
. sign up for clinical trial opportunities that match their cancer and disease profiles.

The app also enables people to:
. take photos to support symptom tracking, for example of rashes, skin cancers, stored in a secure area on their mobile device
. keep a journal to write text when they want to share more than a few words about how they are feeling.

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Reviewer: Prostate Cancer Research Institute, a US-based charity which aims to improve the quality of prostate cancer patients and caregivers lives by supporting research and disseminating information that educates and empowers patients, families, and the medical community.
Review: “A new app called Cancergraph is available, which can track all of your treatment symptoms and side effects when going through cancer. When dealing with treatment, there can be many taxing symptoms and side effects, and keeping track of them all for future discussions with your doctor, albeit important, can be quite difficult. It’s crucial to have an accurate record for your doctor, as this can affect your treatment options. This new, free app, created by Malecare, allows you to keep record of it all. 
With the app, you can select 5 symptoms from a list of over 200. When a symptom is selected, you then rate it on a 5-point scale. All data is placed into a color-coded graph so you have it to show your healthcare professional at your next appointment. If you need to add more than five symptoms, you can use the journal feature to write anything you deem necessary to remember and share. You can add 5 symptoms each time you open the app, and the app can hold years of side effect records. You may also attach any photos related to the data you input. You can also record when you have good days with no symptoms, since this information is important as well. The app can send updates of clinical trials, and lets you opt to share your information for research purposes, withholding your identity.” 
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