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RNIB Navigator

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English / French / German / Hebrew / Spanish


Subscription (3 month or 1 year) ; In UK 30 days subscription £9.99, 1 year 64.99

App to help visually-impaired people to navigate step by step following voiced guidance.

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English / French / German / Hebrew / Spanish

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Includes UK, Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand


Subscription (3 month or 1 year) ; In UK 30 days subscription £9.99, 1 year 64.99


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Sendero Group

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App to help people with visual impaired people navigate when walking or travelling by car, or public transport.

The app was designed by a team of visually-impaired developers, and introduced to the UK by the RNIB, Royal National Institute of Blind People.

Location information is automatically spoken, and includes practical guidance for example:
. Announcing streets when arriving at a junction
. Describing local points of interest
. Navigation instructions on when to make your next turn, confirming that you have made the turn.

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Reviewer: Ibrahim, user of app, Peterborough UK
Review: “GPS has been available on the iPhone for some years now, however flipping between apps which provided separate components to the independent traveler's need for information was necessary…This is the first time that I feel I can use one app for all my GPS requirements when on the go.”
Source: http://www.rnib.org.uk/rnib-navigator-–-app-month
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer: http://www.rnib.org.uk
Reviewer: Middlesex Association for the Blind, UK
Review: “As with all GPS solutions, the location accuracy is not sufficiently accurate but it does get you within close proximity to your location. Accessibility and VoiceOver prompts are good.”
Source: http://aftb.org.uk/getting-around/
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer: http://aftb.org.uk/
Reviewer: Brian Hartgen, visually-handicapped reviewer, expert in adaptive technology
Review: “I tested the app today and overall was impressed with how it worked. As you would expect from an app developed for blind people, it is completely accessible. I found all the Buttons convenient to access and the prompts from VoiceOver were excellent and were automatically spoken according to the settings I had previously activated. I'm very glad RNIB have made it available.”
Source: http://www.hartgen.org/node/226
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer: http://www.hartgen.org

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