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Plume Air Report

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Tracks pollution levels of cities and how these levels might evolve in the next hours. Tracks 200 cities worldwide.

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Chinese / English / French / Spanish

Countries of use

200 cities in 60 countries, for full list see




Plume Labs SAS
(Based in France)


Range of partners including the European Commission,

Medical Adviser

Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS, in France); Fondation du Souffle (France); Association Nationale pour la Préservation et l’Amélioration de la Qualité de l’Air (France)


Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities
Self-monitoring Self-monitoring
Trackers Trackers


The app tells you how fresh or polluted the air is in a city hour by hour, on a scale of 1-7: from fresh air to airpocalypse. Helps answer questions like: Is it the best time to go for a run?; When should I go for a walk in the park with my children? Will forecast pollution levels as well.

Tags: Health, Wellness & Care in the Community (HWCC)


Reviewer: Fondation du Souffle
Review: On May 13, the start-up launched the Plume Air Report, a mobile application, free, to follow hour-by-hour the background pollution level in sixty cities. The application includes a tracker for Paris, where it has attracted more than more than 10 000 users.
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Reviewer: Asthma UK
Review: The Plume Air Report app, developed by Plume Labs and part-funded by the French government, uses data collected from examining pollutant sources like nitrogen dioxide, ozone and carbon monoxide at 11,000 stations in 30 countries. Analysing the data, the app rates the risk to health using a colour-coded system. The advice is then tailored to the needs of cyclists, runners, parents and children, with a separate colour-coded system explaining how safe each area is.
Usage: Not specified
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