Musician’s First Aid

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Musician’s First Aid

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Application to improve the health of musicians.

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De Booqlab S.L.
(Based in Spain)


Same as medical adviser

Medical Adviser

Institut de Fisiologia i Medicina de l'Art-Terrassa, which works to improve the quality of life of performing artists


Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities
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Provides information about early stage symptoms seen is musicians that might require medical intervention of physiotherapy. The intention is to encourage musicians to come forward as early as possible for treatment and care, before their condition worsens. The app also provides strategies and tips to alleviate the underlying medical problems. The app works as follows: First the musicians must select the area of the body in which may be exhibiting symptoms. The app asks questions to find out what may have been the main cause of the disorder. With this information, the application displays the most common medical causes for the musician to choose the most appropriate match. Often, if the information obtained is not sufficiently conclusive, the application makes some additional questions about symptoms. When the system believes it has sufficient information to the musician, the app proposes a list of possible corrective measures, strategies and tips, such as numerous images about to undertake useful exercises, and enable the musician to optimize performance without the risk of injury.

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Reviewer: Fundació Ciència i Art, Spain
Review: Los músicos se lesionan con frecuencia, debido a la práctica diaria intensiva. Esta aplicación les ayudará a prevenir lesiones a través de consejos sobre lo que tienen que hacer o cambiar cuando sus problemas no se han establecido todavía; cuando empiezan a experimentar la primera molestia, pero los tejidos no han experimentado cambios estables. Con base en la causa, el área afectada y los síntomas presentados por el músico, la aplicación da consejos para tratar de evitar la consolidación de la lesión. La aplicación no realiza ningún diagnóstico; no sustituye al consejo médico. Sólo está tratando, si todavía estamos a tiempo, de poner remedio a un problema que se encuentra en su primera etapa.”

Musicians are often injured due to intensive daily practice. This application will help prevent injuries through tips on what to do or change at early stages of their medical conditions; when they begin to experience the first symptoms, but have not experienced irreversible tissue changes. Based on the cause, the affected area and the symptoms presented by the musician, the application gives advice to try to prevent the consolidation of the injury. The application does not make any diagnosis; nor substitute for medical advice. The app tries, if there is still time, to remedy a problem that is in its first stage.
Source: Source: PatientView Survey, May 2015
Usage: 1-5%
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Reviewer: Music Teachers National Association *MTNA), USA
Review: Resource suggested at Music Teachers National Conference, Wellness Forum, April 4 2016
Usage: Not specified
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