SATS Elixia

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SATS Elixia

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Bokmål / Finnish / Norwegian / Swedish



Allows a person to book fitness training classes, and log work-out and weight statistics.

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Bokmål / Finnish / Norwegian / Swedish

Countries of use

Finland, Norway and Sweden.




XLENT Consulting Group
(Based in Sweden)


SATS Sports Club Sweden AB, Sweden / Health & Fitness Nordic (HFN), Norway

Medical Adviser

Same as funder of app.


Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities
Self-monitoring Self-monitoring
Trackers Trackers
Information Information


Fitness-training tool that allows a user to book exercise classes at a chain of fitness centres in Scandinavia. Training activities (whether at the fitness centres or independent of them) can be planned on the tool, and progress at reaching fitness goals can be logged on graphs and statistics. The app will produce a two-month training plan to match the user’s goals. Recipes and dietary instruction is offered appropriate to the training plan.

Tags: Health, Wellness & Care in the Community (HWCC)


Reviewer: Person with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Norway.
Review: “The SATS Elixia app is helping me currently, as it tracks every time I sign in to my local gym in Oslo with my card, and it allows me to book classes online through it. I can track my progress over the weeks, and if I get a personal trainer, my schedule appears on it. If I start a diet plan, it has a calorie counter and checklist.”
Source: PatientView survey, October 2014.
Usage: Not specified
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