Argus - Pedometer, Run, Cycle

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Argus - Pedometer, Run, Cycle

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Health-and-fitness monitor for walking, running, cycling, sleeping, calorie and liquid intake, and heart rate.

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Azumio Inc
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Same as technical developer (via venture-capital funding of $2.5m from several investors, 2011-2014).

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Same as technical developer, plus researchers at Stanford University and the University of California, San Francisco.


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Health-and-fitness monitor for walking, running, cycling, sleeping, calorie and liquid intake, and heart rate. Counts number of steps taken, and is able to automatically distinguish when the user is walking or running. Keeps a tally of heart beats via the phone’s camera and an LED flash. It also calculates calories consumed, and amount of time spent asleep (though it does not analyse sleep quality or offer suggestions on how to improve sleep). Allows daily goals to be set for number of steps, amount of sleep, calories eaten, and fluids drunk, and reminds the user after these goals are reached. Relies on GPS to map running and cycling (and even driving). Historical trends can be observed. A food diary of meals consumed can be built up, with added photographs. Each activity can be made public via Facebook (whether to selected individuals, or a wider audience). The app syncs via Bluetooth to the $99.99 wristband of another manufacturer, Salutron Inc’s LifeTrak Zone C410 activity tracker, displaying the information recorded by the band in a more graphic and accessible series of formats than is possible on the band’s small display.

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Reviewer: Person living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, UK
Review: “Argus is good, but takes a lot of battery life, and you have to leave it running constantly for it to be effective. I like the way it keeps the information in one place, and measures different things. But it takes time to input the data each day.”
Source: PatientView survey, August 2014
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Reviewer:, holistic health blog, USA
Review: “Using exercise-monitoring apps like Argus, for example, increasing activity level becomes easy. Argus has a built-in pedometer that links to your smart phone. All you have to do is walk around with your phone in your pocket, and you will know the exact distance you walked per day. The app shows steps, heart rate and burned calories. Knowing how much you have already walked per day will make customising workouts a cinch. The app also helps create a personal workout plan based on the user’s weight and activity level. Best of all, it is free. Walking your way towards healthy kidneys has never been easier.”
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