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Smart Foods - Organic Diet Buddy

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Allows the user to learn which foods are the most laden with pesticide residue.

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Any in which the user is familiar with English (but the app's directory of farmers' markets is USA-specific only).




Saagara LLC
(Based in United States)


Saagara LLC, USA

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Saagara LLC, USA


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A pesticide-prevention app that allows the user to learn which foods (particularly fruit and vegetables) are the most laden with pesticide residue. Aims to show whether fruit and vegetables should be purchased in organic form, for safety reasons, or whether the consumer can feel safe to buy non-organic, conventionally-grown fruit and vegetables. Also contains a list of farmers’ markets (USA-specific), and nutritional information on fruit and vegetables. A ‘Favourites’ list can be created. Also available on Amazon.

Tags: Health, Wellness & Care in the Community (HWCC)


Reviewer: Person with a learning disability, USA
Review: “Organic Diet Buddy. Useful for information (although not health specific).”
Source: PatientView survey, August 2014
Usage: Not specific

Reviewer: My Journey To Lean (blog)
Review: "Saagara is an online health and wellness company. With doctors, engineers, yoga experts, and design staff on board, their goal is to produce online tools and applications for the general public that will help us all live healthier, more satisfying lives.  I recently got an Android phone and came across two of their apps (also available for iPhone) that I wanted to share with you all.The first app is the Smartfoods-Organic Diet Buddy. This one provides a large list of farmers markets with locations all over the country (search by name or city and/or state)! Both the downtown Greenville “Carolina First Saturday Morning Market” and the “Greenville State Farmers Market” on Rutherford Road are listed!"
Usage: Not specified

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