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My Lupus Log

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Allows symptoms of lupus to be recorded, to help better manage the condition.

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Allows the user to record how symptoms of lupus are affecting daily life, with the aim of tracking the progression of the condition, and being able to report detailed information on symptoms to the doctor at the next visit. Represents the severity and frequency of symptoms in chart form. Organises information on living with the symptoms of lupus. Offers alerts and reminders. Contains a dictionary of terms relevant to lupus.

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Reviewer: Lupus Foundation of Pennsylvania, USA
Review: “Start understanding your lupus better by tracking your symptoms, recording how they’re affecting you, and sharing it all with your doctor. And let ‘My Lupus Log’ help. Available free for Android smartphones, the My Lupus Log app lets you: track your symptoms; monitor and record their impact; customise your profile; learn more about lupus; stay focused with alerts and reminders.”
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Reviewer: Sara Gorman, Despite Lupus Blog, USA
Review: “I started charting my symptom activity via ‘My Lupus Log’, an app on my phone. I included a note with each day, attempting to document how disruptive the symptoms were to my daily routine. I also noted how often the pain lasted during the day, and how it affected my overall quality of life. At this point, I’m not interested in what factors might be contributing to my flare. I just want to know how well my current medication is managing that flare, and how reasonable (or unreasonable) that level of management is. While the app helped, it wasn’t exactly what I needed. Here’s why: my symptoms change almost every two hours. I might wake up with pain that's a 6.5 to 7 on the pain scale, but within 3-4 hours, it’s down to a 4.5. And then by 2pm, it’s down to 1.5. I wasn’t able to figure out how to track that kind of detail on the app.”
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