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Simple method for non-speaking people of all ages to create visual, talking stories.

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Dutch / English / French / German / Spanish / Turkish

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£12.82 [approximately €18.12, $19.99]


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Jennifer Marden, AssistiveWare Vice President of Clinical Development


Allows networking with other people like me / Family / Friends Allows networking with other people like me / Family / Friends
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Improving communication Improving communication
Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities
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Simple way for people of all ages who cannot speak to create stories based on images and talking text. Each page in a story can hold a picture, or a short video, text, and a recorded sound. Text can be read aloud using natural-sounding text-to-speech. No reading skills are needed to find and read the app's stored stories. Although the app is available in six languages, the text-to-speech facility is available in 22 more languages (94 different voices), which can be downloaded from the developer for free. A 'Wizard' guides the user in a simple way through the story-creation process; an 'Expert' mode shows the user how to exploit the app's full editing capacity. Stories can be shared as PDFs through email, or on various social media outlets.

Tags: Disability


Reviewer: Vicki Windman, Common Sense Media—Advocating for Kids, USA
Review: “Parents need to know that Pictello provides an easy way to create ‘social stories’ from the images and videos in your device’s photo library. Simply decide on a story topic with your child, and choose the ‘Wizard’ or the ‘Expert’ to guide you through the process. Know that your photo books can be shared through iTunes, Dropbox, or Pictello’s universal server. You’ll need to provide an email to join Pictello, but other users can only download your photo books if you give them a code. Kids can learn how to create stories that are relevant to their lives with Pictello. For example, they can express their likes and dislikes, communicate with others, and learn routines. What’s nice is that these stories are, by nature, very specific, and tailored to kids’ lives. If your child is having trouble transitioning back to school, or greeting adults, for instance, Pictello can be useful. In addition to self-expression, kids can learn a bit about the art of storytelling.”
Source: http://bit.ly/1hWXSUD
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer: http://bit.ly/1hWXUM5
Reviewer: App, Yum Yum—Autism Epicenter, USA
Review: “Pictello is a universal iPhone app for social stories. Autistic children often have problems with transitions, and social stories come in very handy with making any transitions much easier on children (as well as parents). And Pictello embodies everything a social stories’ app should be. No more cutting out pictures and gluing them into a booklet. The iPhone can do it much easier and faster with Pictello. Making your own social story couldn’t be easier. You can do it with Pictello’s ‘Wizard’ or their ‘Expert’ mode. ‘Wizard’ mode guides you through the process quickly and easily, and it doesn’t bother you with the details, just the meat. ‘Expert’ mode lets you make all the decisions, including which transitions to use, and inputting author information.”
Source: http://bit.ly/1hWYjOL
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer: http://bit.ly/1hWYlWU
Reviewer: AbbeysVoice—blog about a non-verbal little girl with autism, USA
Review: “We use this app for social stories, teaching Abbey what to expect, what to do in situations. So, we’ve got stories about ‘Going to the Dentist’, for example. We also love Pictello because it has opened up a new world for Abbey. She figured out that she loves to look at pics of herself and her family doing things. So, I make stories about our trips, about new things she does and experiences, so she can look at it all again. Not only is it very simple to use, for myself and for Abbey, but now you can add videos. To see Abbey’s face, the first time she opened up one of her stories, clicked on a page and it was a video … priceless. It adds another whole dimension. 'Growing Beans' is one short, simple story I made using Pictello, of us planting bean seeds. I hope to use it again next year, and see what she can do without my help.”
Source: http://bit.ly/1eDggMM
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer: http://bit.ly/1eDgfZh

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