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Guide for people with diabetes (and their carers) in the emergency administration of the Eli Lilly product, Glucagon.

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Guide for people with diabetes (and their carers) in the emergency administration of the Eli Lilly product, Glucagon. A user can practice through touch-screen simulations in a step-by-step process. Onscreen animation tutorials with optional audio instruction provide hands-free guidance in an emergency. The locations of Glucagon kit and its expiration dates can be inputted, with reminders automatically alerting to when new kits should be obtained. Contains safety information on Glucagon for both healthcare professionals and patients. Important medical information can be inputted in the ‘Notes’ section for review with a healthcare professional.

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Reviewer: Bitter-Sweet blog, USA
Review: “I think this app is a really good idea. The first screen shot shows the intro screen, detailing some of the features mentioned in the manufacturer’s press release. The second shows the ‘Home’ screen, and the third is a shot of the emergency instructions. I particularly think that the ‘Manage My kits’ log is a fantastic idea—since we’ve never used our Glucagon, I sometimes forget where we stashed it, and, honestly, I’m pretty sure it has expired. This app will allow me to set one or more reminders of the expiration date—one month before, two weeks before, and every day for the last week before the kit expires.”
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Reviewer: Parenting Diabetes blog, USA
Review: “An app to help people learn to use Glucagon. Glucagon is an emergency treatment for low blood sugar when unconscious, or when unable to eat or drink something to raise blood sugar. This app is great for teaching someone to use Glucagon. Plus, it walks someone through step-by-step what to do when an emergency actually happens. It’s a free download that’s definitely worth it.”
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Reviewer: ASweetLife, USA
Review: “A tool to teach how to use Glucagon for injection, through simulated practice. Glucagon, 1 mg (1 unit), is indicated to treat severe hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar), which may otherwise result in loss of consciousness (insulin coma). People with type-1 diabetes who experience severe hypoglycaemia during insulin treatment may require Glucagon, a hormone produced in the pancreas to raise blood sugar levels. Although Glucagon is rarely needed, and only used during a severe hypoglycaemic event, individuals in the person’s support network (such as family members, teachers, coaches, trusted friends and colleagues) should be trained to give the medicine, which is injected with a syringe. The app is designed to help people be more prepared, and also store locations and expiration dates of their Glucagon emergency kits. The app can also be used by diabetes educators and school nurses as a teaching tool.”
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