Calorie Counter and kJ Counter PRO by MyNetDiary

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Calorie Counter and kJ Counter PRO by MyNetDiary

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Android: Free, Apple: £2.99 [approximately €4.28, $4.65], Blackberry: Free, Pro Blackberry: £3.22 per month [approximately €4.61, $5.00]

Weight- and nutrition-management app that allows dietary goals to be set.

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English / French / Russian

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Android: Free, Apple: £2.99 [approximately €4.28, $4.65], Blackberry: Free, Pro Blackberry: £3.22 per month [approximately €4.61, $5.00]


MyNetDiary Inc, USA
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Weight- and nutrition-management app that allows dietary goals to be set. Links online to the developer’s database of nutritional details about 450,000 foods (up to 35 components per food, including carbohydrates, cholesterol, fat, fibre, protein, sodium, sugars, and vitamins), which the user can update via smartphone photos. The database can be searched manually, or by the built-in barcode scanner. Food listings display serving sizes in cups, grams or ounces. The offline version of the food database is much smaller. Favourites can be saved, and recipes created. The app also lists 500 exercises, and calculates calorie-consumption rate during exercise (based on weight). Custom exercises can be added. The app calculates body-mass index, and various targets (including calories, carbohydrates, fat, protein, and weight-maintenance calories), based on age, gender, height, personal activity level, and weight. Blood sugars can be logged, as well as blood pressure, daily steps taken, and hours of sleep and work. Progress in both exercising and eating healthily can be tracked in an array of formats, showing metrics against goal charts. The developer’s website, '', provides access to an online community, Twitter integration, and in-depth reporting functions (registration required). Entries made in offline mode sync upon connecting to the Web.

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Reviewer: Diabetes Forecast article in Healthy Living Magazine of the American Diabetes Association (ADA), USA
Review: “You can record meals, water intake, exercise, and weight loss with this comprehensive app, which works with ‘MyNetDiary’ online. It includes a library of more than 400,000 foods (including restaurant picks), and a barcode scanner for easy identification and logging of packaged foods. Searches with ‘Calorie Counter’ are fast, thanks to the app’s ability to search as you type.”
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Reviewer: blog, USA
Review: “I have started to use a web-based program called ‘MyNetDiary’ to track my progress. It’s great, because it is cross platform, and I can use it on laptop, Apple and Android. The ability to scan the barcode of what you are about to eat, and get all the nutritional information is great.”
Source: [Source no longer available]
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Reviewer: Person living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, UK
Review: "Calorie Counter helped me keep a track of my food and fluid intake, including the nutritional value (not just calories), as well as the exercise undertaken. All of these are essential factors towards daily maintenance of my condition."
Source: PatientView survey, August 2014
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