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Diabetes Pilot

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Apple: £16.11 [approximately €23.02, $24.99], Windows/Browser: £22.51 [approximately €32.23, $34.99]

Diabetes management app for anyone with diabetes (whether taking insulin, other medications, or just involved with diet and exercise). Dietary advice and good information is provided.

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Apple: £16.11 [approximately €23.02, $24.99], Windows/Browser: £22.51 [approximately €32.23, $34.99]


Mike Biewenga of Digital Altitudes LLC, USA
(Based in United States)


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Diabetes management app for anyone with diabetes (whether taking insulin, other medications, or just involved with diet and exercise). The user can input, record and track with contextual tagging blood glucose (mg/dL or mmol/L), blood pressure, exercise activities, meals, medications, weight, and other notes. An integral food database offers nutritional information on thousands of foods, listing calories, carbohydrates, fat, fibre, protein, sodium and other nutrients. For people who take insulin, the app can estimate insulin for meals, and for correcting high blood glucose (based on user input). Also estimates HbA1C, and allows trends in blood sugars to be identified. Data is displayed in a customised graph format, which can be saved to photo albums for reference. Reports can be exported via CSV to spreadsheets, as well as sent to carers and healthcare professionals via email. Secure data can be synchronised with purchasable desktop software by the same developer for backup, editing, and for producing more elaborate reports.

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Reviewer: Blogger on TuDiabetes, a social network of the Diabetes Hands Foundation (DHF), USA
Review: “Offers tons of reports and graphs, and the developers seem open to feature suggestions. My only dislike is that it can’t automatically download pump/meter data.”
Source: Source no longer available
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer: http://bit.ly/16dL2wG
Reviewer: Blogger on DiabetesForum.com, USA
Review: “I am absolutely sold on ‘Diabetes Pilot’. It is great, and I can sync to the desktop, and always have the log with me. Great for recording food, and even for calculating insulin bolus. However—free, it is not. Great program for me, though, and having it with me on a mobile device makes it indispensable.”
Source: http://bit.ly/dRXg5g
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer: http://bit.ly/1c79aUh
Reviewer: Diabetic Nerd blog, USA
Review: “ ‘Diabetes Pilot’ is software for helping diabetics manage their diabetes though logging glucose readings, medications, weight, blood pressure and exercise, and analysing the data through log books, reports, and charts. Data can be entered through computer input, importing from a .CVS file, restoring from backup, by syncing with a portable device, using ‘Diabetes Pilot’, or importing from a database file sent by e-mail from that same portable device. If you only consider the diabetes logging aspect of the software (no meal log) there are other options on the market. However, if you want to use a complete package from a single software developer that runs on iPhone and PC or Mac there is nothing available, at least as of April 2012. Just because ‘Diabetes Pilot’ may be the only option that meets your criteria does not mean that you are compromising—far from it. The program is very stable, well supported, highly customisable, secure, and gets the job done.”
Source: http://bit.ly/Ro5Cy4
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer: http://bit.ly/1cKiOJh

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