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Android: £130.80 [approximately €188.45, $204.08], Apple: £119.99 [approximately €172.87, $187.21]

Alternative communication solution for people who have difficulty speaking.

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Android: £130.80 [approximately €188.45, $204.08], Apple: £119.99 [approximately €172.87, $187.21]


Therapy Box Limited, UK
(Based in United Kingdom)


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Medical Adviser

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Allows networking with other people like me / Family / Friends Allows networking with other people like me / Family / Friends
Improving communication Improving communication
Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities


Alternative communication solution for people who have difficulty speaking. A text-to-speech app with a choice of 26 voices. ModelTalker voice banking integration. ‘Emoticons’ add laughter, crying, or whistling to messages. A word-prediction engine helps users input text faster. A ‘Note pad’ option permits hand writing on the screen. Category folders allows you to store phrases or prepared messages. A ‘History’ view gives access to last-used phrases. Touch anywhere & Switch access is present to help those with limited motor ability. Emails can be composed and sent. Phrases can be backed up on a computer. Facebook and Twitter can be updated directly from the app. Predictable has been CE certified, indicating the product’s compliance with EU legislation. 

Tags: Disability


Reviewer: National group specialising in disability, Ireland
Review: “To date, I can only recommend ‘Predictable’. I am very optimistic about the use of apps for service users who have limited verbal skills, and can use hand-held devices as an augmentative communication tool. But I have some concerns about how funding for such apps (and the necessary hardware) will be sourced.”
Source: PatientView survey, July-August 2012
Usage: 1%
Weblink of reviewer: -
Reviewer: Vermont Family Network (VFN), USA
Review: “A cost-effective and unique communication-aid solution for people who have a disability that results in speech impairment. Users can type a message more efficiently with a sophisticated word-prediction engine, and it speaks the message, offering a range of voices.”
Source: Source is no longer available
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer:
Reviewer: Person living with motor-neurone disease, UK
Review: "[I recommend] ‘Predictable’ as a communication aid."
Source: PatientView survey, August 2014
Usage: Not specified

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