Pill Reminder Pro (Push Notification)

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Pill Reminder Pro (Push Notification)

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Reminder to take medications on time.

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Reminder to take medications on time. The user enters the name of the pill, dosage, frequency, and what time(s) of day to take the medication. The app sends the user push-alert reminders of when to take the medication.

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Reviewer: Disabled Folk Cornwall, UK
Review: “Reminds you with PUSH alerts of when to take your pills. Tracks each of your medications by name, dosage and frequency to take. One point to remember when entering the dates and times taken for each pill, when you enter a time and dosage, remember to save each time your enter, otherwise it won’t remember. As it uses PUSH technology, you need to be in a WiFi reception area to receive the notifications, though. Pity it isn’t a stand-alone app, as if it were, then little or no WiFi reception wouldn’t matter.”
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Reviewer: Disabled Living Foundation (DLF), UK
Review: “These apps may provide an alternative to a pill-reminding device, but you should take into account the limitations of relying on a mobile app. The following issues may prevent the app providing alerts at the correct time: hardware and network-access limitations; having no signal; putting a phone on ‘silent’; conflict with other software/apps, task killers or upgrades to the operating systems; your phone’s battery running out; not having your phone with you. Consequently, you must not rely on an app alone to remember to take your prescriptions. If you find it difficult to remember to take your medication, or find yourself taking repeat doses, you should consult with a healthcare professional. Follow your doctor’s instructions, and only take drugs as advised by your pharmacy. Apps may be updated periodically. Users should independently check for new versions of apps, as there may be important bug fixes.”
Source: http://bit.ly/M8L3Iy
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Weblink of reviewer: http://bit.ly/1aR8UU1

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