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Prescription reminder that alerts the user to the need to take a prescription.

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Prescription reminder that alerts the user to the need to take a prescription. Many different categories of reminder can be scheduled, including: hourly; daily; on specific dates; weekly; on a particular day of the month; as needed; on a particular week of a month; or even medicine taken as a one-off. Prescription quantities count down as reminders are marked ‘Taken’. Allows phones with a camera to take photos of prescriptions. Prescription history can be emailed. Password protected. Also contains a searchable ‘FDA Drug Database’.

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Reviewer: Cushing’s Help and Support, USA
Review: “I often forget to take my meds. And, other days, I can’t remember if I took them or not. So, here’s a great free app: ‘RxmindMe’.”
Source: Source is no longer available
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer: http://bit.ly/1bZ3Z8O
Reviewer: Blogger on CysticLife.org (CL), USA
Review: “I use a great one called ‘RxmindMe Prescription’. You can track your prescriptions by entering in the details, such as name, form, strength, person it’s for, etc. Then you can also enter the quantity you have left, pharmacy, and set up reminders to alert you when it is time to re-order. You can also set up alerts that will pop up on your phone to remind you to take certain pills on a specific set of time daily, hourly, monthly, etc. The other cool part is that you can take a picture of the medicine. I like pictures, so that is fun for me. You can also export the data to Excel as a .csv file, so you could print it off, and give it to healthcare providers. I have loved using the app, and, best yet—it’s free.”
Source: http://bit.ly/NhUn6E
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer: http://bit.ly/17AFNlB
Review: It's such a good app but in a very basic way with its main task being control of taking pills. No other app attaches medication to a label, eg breakfast and all the pills I take at breakfast are a subset of breakfast so you need only check one box 'breakfast'. Most other apps make you check all meds and for someone like me that’s a lot. You can always delete and add meds and view medication in each level. If you take pills etc at 3pm you set it a label 3pm with a subset of pills taken but only checking one box for 3pm, as with dinner time and bed time. It also does the pill counting letting your know when to order new ones and has links to drug manufactures so you can get info on the medications.
Source: Patient based in New Zealand, PatientVIew survey September 2017
Usage: Not specified

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